How About Those Brakes?

When is the last time you really thought about the brakes on your car? We seldom think about them because we use them all the time. You press the pedal, the car slows down or it stops.

Most of the time.

What if there is something wrong with your brakes? If you hear a squeaking sound or a grating sound, by all means, have your brakes checked immediately. But, even if you hear nothing at all, and the brakes feel fine when you press the pedal, you need to have them routinely inspected and serviced, anyway. It's part of your responsibility to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the demands of the warranty's required maintenance schedule, and it only makes common sense for you and the safety of your family and others.

Call your local authorized technician today, and schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected. Never let an unauthorized mechanic work on your brakes. Always use a skilled, trained technician recommended by your user's manual.

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