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Are you in the market for a new Dodge RAM but unsure of what features to look for? Do you want to learn more about the features that a 2020 RAM can offer you and your family? If so, then you should look at the safety features first.

The 2020 Dodge RAM offers an unparalleled amount of safety features for its drivers. You should read up on them all, write down the ones that are important to you, then shop around for the best price.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting all of the safety features that consumers are looking for in a Dodge RAM.

1. Lane Sense

We all get distracted from time to time while driving on the road. All it takes is looking away for a second to veer off of the path and into another lane of traffic.

Maybe you're looking in the rearview mirror to check in on your child. Perhaps you've caught yourself reading the billboard sign on the side of the road. Even those quick glances can lead to a crash if you aren't careful.

Luckily, the 2020 Dodge RAM has you covered with Lane Sense technology. This awesome safety features gives its driver a visual alarm that you're departing the lane.

Not only that, it has the ability to guid your truck back into the desired lane if it feels that you're departing from the lane as a mistake.

This feature is a great tool for any of you that work long shifts or generally have a full quad cab of people in the car with you. It provides more protection from distractions.

2. Anti-Lock Brakes

It used to be that your brakes were made to lock into position. The thought process being that if your brakes could complelety stop in a second's notice, you'd be able to avoid a potential crash ahead of you.

However, research found that these brakes actually posed more of a threat to your safety. In many situations, they caused the car to spiral out of control, especially in slippery road conditions.

The 2020 Dodge RAM contains an anti-lock braking system to give you control of your truck in any terrain. The ABS will allow you to come to a complete stop if you ever need to slam on your brakes. 

However, the anti-lock brakes are better for wet or icy roads. You'll still be able to turn your wheels while braking in order to avoid a potential crash.

The ABS system has the capacity to watch your brake's pressure and make sure it relieves the pressure (hence the term "anti-lock") enough to allow you to turn easier.

This braking system has saved countless lives. If you and your family are ever in a scary situation, your Dodge RAM will modulate your panicked reaction.

3. Stop and Go Cruise Control

Cruise control is an incredible feature. It allows you to maintain a certain speed so that you aren't having to burn as much energy and focus during those long road trips or hours on the highway.

However, even it can become meticulous. For example, if you're driving 75 mph in the far left lane and you come up to a car that's only going 65 mph, you have to temporarily shut your cruise control off to pass them or wait for them to merge over.

The 2020 Dodge RAM provides you with even more luxury by installing its stop and go adaptive cruise control technology.

In other words, the vehicle keeps a sharp eye for vehicles ahead and adjusts the cruise control to keep a safe distance from them. It also has the ability to adjust the speed of your car in order to give cushion between you and the car directly in front.

We all know how quickly things can change with cruise control. The stop and go features tries to minimize that risk as much as possible.

4. Parallel Parking Assist

Just when you thought it wasn't possible. If you're like countless other drivers that would opt to skip out on a parallel parking spot, the 2020 Dodge RAM has you covered with its parallel parking assist feature.

This awesome feature takes full control of the steering while ensuring a snug and great fit. It uses the sensors around the car to adapt the turns as necessary.

You'll still be in control of the accelerator and brakes while the truck makes the steering decisions, so you're still overseeing the most important part of the process.

5. 360-Degree Camera and Trailer Detection

The 2020 Dodge RAM has a 360-degree surround view camera feature. It can give its driver full knowledge of potential blind spots, as well as help with typical truck process such as loading, unloading, and so forth.

This truck also has a trailer detection feature, which can help you drive safely when changing lanes. It automatically registers the length of your trailer, so you can trust whether it's safe to merge or not.

You'll have confidence driving even when a heavy, long, and unfamiliar trailer is hooked up right behind you. This feature will protect you, your truck, and everything inside the trailer.

Invest in the 2020 Dodge RAM for Yourself

Now that you have seen several amazing safety features that the 2020 Dodge RAM has to offer your life, be sure to invest in one as your next vehicle.

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