The 2020 Jeep Gladiator might be giving its teammate, the Jeep Wrangler, a good run this year. Everyone knows the iconic Jeep Wrangler has been a staple for years and one of the most identifiable vehicles on the planet. However, with the emergence of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, some Wrangler fans might be juggling a switch to the Jeep Gladiator.


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator offers everything the iconic Jeep Wrangler has with one addition, the truck bed. The 2020 Gladiator’s truck bed paired with its military design and capabilities have made the Gladiator stand out in its own iconic way. It’s easy to classify the Jeep Gladiator as a Wrangler with a truck bed, but Jeep wanted drivers to get more than that. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is a better wrangler with an enhanced driving experience, and the blog below will highlight some key features that Jeep Gladiator drivers can expect on the 2020 Gladiator. Are you interested in a new or used 2020 Jeep Gladiator? Contact the automotive team at McKinney Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Easley, SC and let us find the 2020 Jeep Gladiator you want!


Design on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator


Well, it’s kind of obvious… the 2020 Jeep Gladiator is a Jeep Wrangler with a truck bed, is this not what you asked for? Jeeps transformation of the Wrangler into a truck stretched the wheelbase from a two-box design to three-box design.


Inside the cabin, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator sports improved materials, a rugged aesthetic and chunky switchgears to stay “on brand” as possible. Everything inside the cabin works well, is appealing to the eye and is right on par with the interior of the Jeep Wranglers. Jeep didn’t go too overboard, it’s a Jeep Wrangler with a truck bed and its exactly what drivers wanted.


Come check out the new design from Jeep on the 2020 Gladiators at McKinney Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Easley, SC. 


Comfort on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator


Like the Jeep Wrangler, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator has comfortable seats and an elevated driving position. The four-door-only body means that Gladiators have a usable second row and despite being designed from the foundation of the Wrangler; the Jeep Gladiator is more comfortable.


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator’s improved comfort is attributed to its solid axels with a five-link rear suspension and an extra 18.9-inches between the axels. This space between the axels eliminates the worst qualities in the Wrangler’s. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is significantly more comfortable with better handling and less skittishness. The 2020 Gladiator only comes with the option for a five-foot long bed and the bed’s volume sits at just 35.5 cubic feet.


Technology & connectivity on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator


The heart of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator’s tech suite is Chrysler’s excellent UConnect 4 infotainment system. Available with the 7.0- and 8.4-inch setups (the base 5.0-inch display runs UConnect 3), UConnect 4 has attractive graphics, is quick to respond to inputs and is remarkably easy to navigate. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard.


The overland trim comes standard with the 7.0-inch display and aside from screen size, the only functional difference between the two is the 8.4-incher’s navigation function (which the 7.0-inch handles via CarPlay/Android Auto). Other standard features on this trim include dual-zone automatic climate control, power windows and locks (like the Wrangler, these are optional extras on the base Gladiator), an eight-speaker audio system and seven USB inputs (a USB-A and USB-C in the center stack, a USB-A in the center console, and two USB-As and two USB-Cs for second-row passengers).


Option packages expand the tech suite on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator. Owners are able to opt for added heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, LED headlights with LED running lights, the aforementioned 8.4-inch display and navigation and a host of active safety gear. There’s also a neat Trail Rail cargo management system and other enhancements that improve the Gladiator’s already solid tow rating. Come see the technology and features inside the 2020 Jeep Gladiator for yourself at McKinney Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Easley, SC.


Performance & handling on the 2020 Jeep Gladiator


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup features the same base powertrain, a 3.6-liter V6 with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic gearbox. In terms of off-road gear, every truck gets solid Dana front and rear axles as well as a low-range transfer case, all of which makes the Gladiator worthy of its Trail Rated badge.

Unsurprisingly, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator drives similarly like a Wrangler. The 3.6-liter V6 is likable with plenty of low-end torque and mid-range punch. Like the Wrangler, this engine is good for 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The optional eight-speed automatic transmission is a clever gearbox that fades into the background during everyday driving. But the handling is quite different.

In building the 2020 Gladiator, Jeep engineers stretched the Wrangler’s wheelbase by a whopping 18.9 inches. This has a dramatic effect on ride quality. Put simply, it’s easy to forget how closely related the Gladiator is to the Wrangler. The ride is composed, stable, and confident in a way the Wrangler isn’t.

The jarring, unpleasant, nervous character that Wrangler drivers love is so tiring and the biggest con when it comes to Wranglers. However, the 2020 Jeep Gladiator eliminates the Wrangler’s biggest problem with a smoother more pleasant feeling behind the wheel.


Along with the ride, the Gladiator distinguishes itself with its towing capacity. If you order the Trailer Towing Package, this 2020 Jeep Gladiator can haul an impressive 7,650 pounds, significantly more than the Wrangler (3,500 pounds). The performance is something you need to feel for yourself, so schedule a test drive in the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator at McKinney Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Easley, SC. 


Wrapping up the 2020 Jeep Gladiator


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is paving the way for pickup trucks from Jeep. The refined and enhanced Jeep Gladiator offers Jeep drivers real options to consider when deciding between a Wrangler or the Jeep Gladiator. Are you interested in browsing or buying a 2020 Jeep Gladiator? Contact McKinney Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Easley, SC to schedule a test drive or check out all the 2020 Jeep Gladiators we have available! 

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