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Driving is essential to our everyday lives. And from school to soccer practice, American families need to get from point A to point B safely and effectively. This is why 91% of US households own at least one car.

But buying a family car is more difficult than you think. You need to find a car with enough space to fit your kids (and their friends), one that's safe, and one that will last so long that your kids will be able to drive it!

Fortunately, we make it easy to buy a family vehicle. Here are the core things to look for in your new car.

Safety Features

Safety first! There's a reason why this is the first point we're mentioning. Safe transport is paramount when driving your family around. Especially since traffic deaths have increased over the past year.

Fortunately, safety technology is only increasing. Parking sensors, backup cameras, and blind-spot warnings are great examples. In addition, all cars made after May 1, 2018 must include a backup camera.

While these are newer examples, you'll see modern cars with automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Seat Capacity

This is an essential factor if you plan on having kids or have a baby. From the booster seat to the car seat and more, your kids will be shuffled in and out of specialty seats throughout their childhood. And you'll need to buy a car that has an ideal seat capacity.

A common myth is assuming that an SUV has the seating capacity you need. In reality, all SUVs are different and some are better equipped for car seats than others. When shopping for a car, it's best to ask a dealership which SUVs are best-equipped for booster seats.

Keep in mind, all cars made after September 2002 are made with Latch systems (in other words, child safety seat anchors). It's still important to know how many anchors there are and where they're located.

Vehicle Size

This is a pretty obvious one, but you'll want to consider the vehicle size you need. SUVs are a popular choice for many parents. They have more versatility than other larger vehicles and they come in all shapes and sizes. While some small SUVs can only fit four passengers, others can fit as many as eight!

However, some parents are content with only driving their one or two children around. In that case, a sedan is an alternative to a bulky SUV. They also offer amazing fuel economy and are very affordable.

Storage Space

As your kids get older, your car will practically become your second home. That's why you should offer plenty of storage space. This is also important if your kids are still young — you have to transport that stroller around somehow! For best results, choose cars that have versatile seat configurations. You can easily fold down the seats for more room, if necessary.

More modern vehicles also offer sneaky storage areas that are hidden from view. From side cubbies to under-the-seat storage, you can store your kids' backpacks, toys, books, and extra clothes with ease. This is especially important if your kids like to travel with their tablets and laptops. These cubbies and compartments will hide these valuables, preventing a break-in.

Leg Room

As much as you hate to think about it, your kids will grow up one day. Their tiny legs will only get longer, so you'll need to ensure that the car you choose now has plenty of legroom for those surprise growth spurts. And assuming you have enough time to spend time with your adult family and friends, you can rest easy knowing they will be comfortable in your new car.


There are many interior options that car manufacturers offer. But face it, as a parent, you may not have time to clean a cotton interior. Instead, focus on a low-maintenance interior such as pleather and leather. Just store baby wipes in the car. If someone spills something, simply wipe it up.


How often have you heard the "are we there yet?" coming from the backseat. To keep your kids occupied on long drives, find a guy that offers plenty of entertainment options. TVs, sound systems, and built-in tablets are a couple of popular entertainment options. If your kids are older, some cars even offer a mobile WiFi hotspot so they can watch all of the TikTok videos they want.

In order to maximize safety, find a car that offers hands-free entertainment navigation. Voice-activated controls are a great example.


It takes a lot of money to sustain a family, and the last thing you should splurge on is gas — especially since gas prices are at a seven-year high.

While they may initially be more expensive, you'll save money by buying an electric or hybrid vehicle. These cars use battery power in order to reduce emissions. You can easily charge your vehicle at home and more businesses are offering battery-charging stations. In a hybrid vehicle, your car operates on battery power and only switches to gas if the battery runs out.

Fuel Economy

At the same time, you don't need to buy an electric vehicle to save on gas. More car manufacturers are making their cars with excellent fuel economy to save families money. When visiting a dealership, be sure to ask your car salesperson about fuel economy. If you have a car in mind, you can use a fuel economy calculator to plan your gas expenses.

Buy a Family Car at McKinney Dodge

As you can see, there's a lot you need to look for when buying a family car. But don't be intimidated by the process. As long as you shop at a high-quality dealership, you'll find a car you'll love for years.

If you're based in Easley, South Carolina, there are many family-friendly Dodge vehicles. From the Dodge Charger Sedan to the Jeep Cherokee SUV, you have plenty of family cars to choose from. And you can get them from McKinney Dodge.

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